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Global Unity

It’s time to unite humanity.

The problems we face cannot be solved without global cooperation.
It’s step one in addressing the great threats in front of us.

“We cannot deal with the problems of the environment, of climate change except through global cooperation.”
– Yuval Noah Harari

What is a United Humanity?

That’s for us to answer together, but in spirit, it’s everyone for everyone. A movement of all trying to support and uplift all. A new vision and a new purpose.

New ideas, new capabilities and new possibilities have emerged since the birth of the internet.

With all the genius and capability of humanity, could we really not envision a new way for us to live, work and grow together?

It’s Time to Start that Conversation

We are developing an ecosystem of platforms, each designed to help us address the great challenges we face. But platforms will never be enough. If we are going to build a better world, we need to build a global movement.

Today we have the tools to crowdsource nations. Why can we not crowdsource one of all of us, for all of us? Let’s.

If a million or a billion of us – less than are currently on some platforms – were able to connect and collaborate for the good of everyone, could we not build something better? We can and will, together.

We Invite You to Join

We are in development, currently seeking a technical co-founder (know someone? Message us at, connect@globalyunity.org
Until we are ready for the next phase, we invite you to join our mailing list by entering your email below. You’ll be the first to know when membership officially opens up.

Join us, put your hand up for humanity, and let’s build something better.

– Humanity, United